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  1. kylie says:


    i discovered your blog as a result of your recent SWC best blog win and i wanted to write to you and tell you how much i enjoy it.

    i hope you don’t consider my attraction to your blog “creepy and antagonistic”, but as a newspaper journo and prolific writer myself, i know how valuable positive feedback can be – and it doesn’t arrive in your inbox as frequent as it should!

    the design and layout of your blog is fantastic and i really love your writing style, sharp wit and subject matter.

    i’m starting to freelance from home after finishing up my features writer role last year to give birth to my second bub. it’s a daunting task! especially developing a wesbite and blog of my own… even though i’ve only been out of the journalistic loop for seven or so months, i seem to have lost a little of my confidence. but reading your blog and seeing the success it is achieving certainly inspires me on.

    and as for your blog title… i had it up on the screen the other day and my husband saw it and gasped, accusing me of looking at a porn site dedicated to wanking!

    you rock. keep doing what you’re doing because it’s certainly working!


    kylie m

    • Marty says:

      No, you rock! Thanks for the kind words. They’re always appreciated, particularly given the fraught, vulnerable situation freelancers volunteer for. Helps me keep going.

      Where were you writing?

      Hope you sorted out the confusion re: porn site.


  2. ellen says:

    dear marin mckenzie-murray

    re your age article 17th may

    first thing what a wonderfully alliterated name.

    I am frequently annoyed by the gap between what I experience and the vocab at my disposal to describe them. Even more so in print than verbally, hence why this is the first time I’ve ever felt the desire to chase down a journo. anyway the point is, who knows what you wanted me to get out of your writing but it definitely had an impact on my otherwise failure of a day.

    so there you go, you made an effort, i listen and engaged with you

  3. Meg Bignell says:

    Congratulations on your award – so well deserved. I love the look of your site and your writing really does make my heart dizzy. You write about great stuff but to me it’s more about how you write it. It’s full of things I wish I’d thought of and feel like I would have if I had your talent. My blog is about the same age as yours. Do you have any tips on getting it out there? I write for me mostly but it would be nice if it worked for others too…occasional encouragement is integral to my writing I’ve found. Anyway, thanks for your musings, thanks for introducing me to The Lucksmiths and EE Cumming and again, well done.


  4. Dr. Glenn McLaren says:

    Hi Martin,

    I hope this is reaching you. I teach philosophy at Swinburne Uni. I enjoyed your article in The Age this morning. In second semester I teach a course in Philosophy, Media and Culture and I will use your article to provoke some discussion as well as Woodward and Bernstein’s comments. I just had a paper published in our journal, Cosmos and History, which I thought you might find relevant to your arguments. The address is Have a look if you get a chance.


  5. morning martin,
    loved your piece in the nat times on citizen journalism … which i’ve been doing for nearly 10 years now (as an ex News Ltd hack).
    i’m wondering … could i re-run it on Tt … or at least an extract pointing to the Nat Times (your choice, obviously).
    all good things,
    (Lindsay Tuffin)

    • Marty says:

      Hi Lindsay,

      Many thanks!

      As for reprinting, I don’t think so. But I’ll flick you an email explaining why…


  6. Cookie says:

    I just read your column in the SMH – please read on…

    this is what i just wrote:

    You’re writing for a newspaper renowned for its accuracy. There are stories now coming out of the US which claim the boy on the left is NOT the boy on the right. Look at the images you have juxtapositioned. The one of the left has brown eyes, the one of the right bright blue. The eyebrows are completely non-aligned. The ears are a different shape and the nose on the left is much fatter than the slimline one on the left. THIS is the story. The boy on the left is NOT the boy on the right. There are stories stating the boy on the left’s identity has been stolen. This is the story you should be chasing. The boy on the left could never have afforded the munitions. The boy on the left disappeared a month ago. Someone else has been greatly assisted to assume his identity… that is the boy on the right. Please give us the news.

  7. ALAN WEARNE says:

    Glad to see that I am (or at least I of about a decade back am) still a reference point.

    Let’s make a yackitty yack conection.


  8. David Curlewis says:

    Hi Martin,

    Enjoyed your piece in The Age on the 23rd. Why can’t more people see that reason can be used to justify what we already believe? Ambrose Bierce put it succinctly in his Devil’s Dictionary (a refreshing book I turn to whenever I need a non-idealistic reality check):

    Reason, v. To weigh probabilities in the scales of desire.

    A couple of other definitions in which he hits a mark:

    Revolution, n. In politics, an abrupt change in the form of mis-government.

    Love, n. The folly of thinking much of another before one knows anything of oneself.


  9. Nick says:


    I write only to congratulate and I suppose thank-you for your contributions on this site and the various pieces I’ve now read after stumbling across your Hitchens article in the Age today (6/9).

    I find it heartening that I can find contributions like yours drifting into the days of people like me, long suffering and hanging onto some awareness of issues that you address by a very thin thread. The matters themselves are worthy of my best attention, but the reporting of them is not. My brilliant capacity for self justification allows me to trudge on and succumb to the probability that it is all too hard. For contributing to the discussion, for bringing a perspective and skill to crucial matters, many thanks. I look forward to reading more of it.


  10. Cuthis Arminto says:

    Hi Martin,

    I only became alerted to your blog on Twitter last night after reading a Twitter follower’s comments. I am of the view that many teachers should introduce their students to your blog so they may learn what excellent writing skills are all about. An absolute joy to read, with great use of the English language and sharp wit. Keep up the great work, and leave no subject untouched. Thoroughly enjoyable and clearly a well earned award last year.


  11. James says:

    Good points about Canberra – as a previous and future inhabitant who has migrated to Perth I agree. Cars abound and make a small city get traffic jams like Sydney (well for 25 minutes after 8.30AM any way. I like the space but hate how you need a car to go anywhere (and also how the new styrofoam suburbs have taken away the central shop and replaced it with grid streets with no soul.

  12. Simon says:

    G’day Martin,

    I stood on the corner of Scarborough Beach Rd and Western Hwy a week ago, waiting for a cab to arrive. A bloke pulls up in the wrong lane but I jump in. I tell I’m going to a pub in Leederville, being a Melbournian this is all new to me. So if you want to know how I found out about this blog, well after a brilliant intervention to get into the left lane to turn southward from ‘Scarbs’ to Leederville he told me of your writing and this blog which I’ve read with enthusiasm back here in Melbs, giving credence to journalism, or opinion c. So, keep it up, an enjoyable read and if I see ye in the Union, I’ll say g’day.

    • Marty says:

      Thanks, mate. Much appreciated, and what a weird story. I’m from Perth and my father’s a cabbie–did you meet my Dad?


  13. Christine says:

    Ok, you are now officially my favorite writer.

    I have just emailed your article Boys will be Boys to my 15 year old son as a follow up on our lengthy discussion on the Stuebenville case. It is so encouraging to hear this young man, on the brink on adulthood, condem and deplore the degradation of women. As an Australian being raised in Switzerland, I’ll be interested to watch his progression through life without that in-your-face blokey boorish drinking culture so celebrated in Australia – yet so accountable for such desgusting behaviour. My only comment would be that the discussion is also there to be had between mothers/sisters/aunts and sons/brothers/nephews – perhaps more so as it provides that regrettably too often forgotten female perspective.

    I also love Basketball.

  14. John C says:

    Hi Martin,

    I just wanted to thank you for your much needed article on rape in the Age on Thursday the 21st.
    Unfortunately, we can never ease up on this one.
    All the best,

    John C

  15. Duncan Smith says:


    Thank you for your piece in the Age, “Rapists are criminals, not just ‘boys being boys'”. I had my teenaged son read it, and used it to start a conversation with him. He didn’t have much to say, but i’d like to think your comments, and my reinforcement, have sunk in.

    I appreciate you speaking up, and speaking out.

  16. Dear Martin,
    I’m writing about your piece in the Saturday Paper today on higher education, because it seems to me you’re giving Andrew Norton far more credence and authority than he deserves, and his role in the Pyne agenda isn’t being made visible. If you read his The University Unchained and Graduate Winners, it’s clear that the introduction of market dynamics into higher education is the primary aim, because he, Kemp, Pyne, et al just think it’s a good thing. As Thatcher said, economics are the method, the aim is to change the soul, and that’s what’s going on here. It’s more complicated explaining the ALP’s collusion in this project, it’s true, but for the Libs – and Andrew Norton – the cuts to Commonwealth support are just a device to bring about fee deregulation, because they think it will have ‘healthy’ disciplining effect on the sector, as they think it does for the whole world. Graduate Winners also makes it clear that aim is for the public benefits of higher education to be funded by willingness of Australians to pay ever-higher fees for their education. But, don’t take my word for it, if you have the time, just have a look at Graduate Winners and see what that tells you.
    Regards, Robert

  17. Melinda Davis says:

    Hi Martin,I have recently started reading The Saturday Paper which has lead me to Google which in turn-Feeding the chooks. It has been a joy to discover your writing,it is really quite beautiful.
    Melinda Davis

  18. Geoff Briggs says:

    Hi Martin

    Thank you for your frank and much needed article in the Guardian about the trouble at Friday’s derby game. I have seen too much violence at games in England and I am glad to have left that behind, spending the best part of my valuable spare time since moving to Australia twelve years ago in building the grass roots of the game locally. I am very concerned at the menace and intimidation that goes on unchallenged and indeed seemingly unnoticed by those who have the power to stop it. Your words are a timely prompt to the powers that be to put their thinking caps on.
    I’m not sure if you would be interested, but I am pulling together a small team of like minded people who want to build upon the good work done by the Schipp Happens team, to produce a successor fanzine for Melbourne City supporters – ‘The Chameleon’. Please get in touch if you are interested, if you aren’t, well, keep up the good work anyhow!

  19. matt says:

    Hey Martin

    I read your article on domestic violence in The Saturday Paper. Nice work and thanks. I find it easy to get a bit gloomy about the state of things in this country but the existence of The Saturday Paper and articles like yours are reminders that there is much good in this society. That was an excellent bit of writing so congrats.


  20. Alan Wearne says:

    Have retired and am coming to live in Melbourne in 2017. We finally catch up? Alan

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